reaction station for the pharmaceutical industry / automated / compact
RMGMP Models



  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    automated, compact


INOXTORRES designs and manufactures formulation
reactors for solutions such as coatings and
intermediate products up to final injectable
product, for a wide range of pharmaceutical


The GMP INOXTORRES preparation reactors are designed according to the specifications of our customers to meet the requirements of each
product preparation process.
Our products are oriented to provide a complete, fully automated solution that facilitates start-up and qualification tasks.
That is why our solutions are installed in easy to install benches, which
integrate all the necessary components for the control of the preparation
process as well as the system of control and automation of the same. We
also design and manufacture movable systems for the preparation of
small batches in robust and compact equipments that allow their mobility
thanks to a preparation room that maintains the quality of the product.
The equipment is manufactured with high quality stainless steel, using
orbital or TIG type welding methods. We can reach any internal finish
that the client requires, from polished mirrors up to Ra <0.4µm to
electro polished.
As for the qualification of the equipment, they are tested and validated
according to very strict quality protocols.
We work with any type of volume, whether small batches (5 - 20 liters),
up to batches of 5,000 liters, guaranteeing at all times the correct mixing
and preparation according to the requirements of our customers.