enteral veterinary feeding tube
FTPU Series

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enteral veterinary feeding tube enteral veterinary feeding tube - FTPU Series


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Disposable Animal Feeding Needles for Mice and Rats

These tubes feature a larger inner diameter for easier delivery of viscous compounds and a straight rounded tip that wipes clean to help in cases where aspiration of compounds could be hazardous to the animal. The tube is made of polyurethane and the hub is clear polycarbonate.

Available in two tube sizes: 16ga (5Fr) for mice and 13ga (7Fr) for rats. The inner diameter of the mouse tube is 1.0mm, twice that of the comparable FTP-20-38, and the ID of the rat tube is 1.5mm, 25% larger than the ID of FTP-15-78. The rat tube is available in a 88mm (3.5in) size for dosing while holding the syringe and a 380mm (15in) size for those that prefer the "Harrogate tube" technique where the tube wraps around the palm. The 380mm version has depth markings between five and 15cm from the tip.

The tubes are packaged in boxes of 250 pieces (50 sterile pouches of 5) or 50 pieces (10 sterile pouches of 5).