buffer solution reagent / staining solution / fixative solution / citrate buffer
Coffrets K-Matic



  • Type:

    buffer solutions, staining solutions, fixative solutions, citrate buffers

  • Applications:

    for hematology, laboratory, for cell counting

  • Tested parameter:


  • Sample type:

    whole blood

  • Analysis mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    assayed, high-sensitivity, liquid


K-Matic reagent pack
5 or 8 vials depending on the number of tests performed per day

Research and quantification of fetal red cells in maternal blood by the Kleihauer test on K-Matic automated staining machine.

The search for fetal red blood cells in the maternal blood can reveal fetal-maternal haemorrhages, sources of severe fetal anemia, and prevent anti-D alloimmunization by helping to determine the dose of immunoglobulins to be injected.

These boxes are used to test 30 slides.
There are 2 references depending on the number of slides to be stained per day
Reference: 901080133 (staining ≥ to 15 slides / day)
Reference: 901080134 (coloring