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coagulation analysis reagents / fibrinogen / thrombin / INR
HemosIL PT series



  • Applications:

    for coagulation analysis

  • Tested parameter:

    fibrinogen, thrombin, INR

  • Sample type:


  • Analysis mode:


  • Other characteristics:



The most comprehensive panel of fully automated Hemostasis assays, designed for disease-state management. From routine to specialty testing, HemosIL reagents deliver fast, accurate results. Robust offering of liquid, ready-to-use assays enhance efficiency of lab operations and ultimately, patient care.

Standardized and automated, delivering fast, reliable results.
Broadest liquid, ready-to-use portfolio for quality and efficiency
We offer more liquid, ready-to-use Hemostasis assays than any other manufacturer. A typical lab can meet 91% of its Hemostasis testing needs, with HemosIL liquid, ready-to-use assays, including PT, APTT, D-Dimer and Antithrombin. Eliminating reconstitution time, acclimation time and repetitive manual pipetting, leads to greater efficiency and better patient care. And, HemosIL assays enhance management of disease-states, from Heparin-Induced Thromobcytopenia and Antiphospholipid Syndrome, to von Willebrand Disease, Thrombophila, and more.
Broad assay menu for tailored testing
HemosIL PT reagents offer consistent performance sensitivity to enable optimal monitoring of oral anticoagulant therapy and evaluation of the extrinsic coagulation pathway. Highly stable and always consistent for moderate to high sensitivity. HemosIL APTT reagents enable optimal monitoring of therapeutic coagulation inhibitors and screening of the intrinsic coagulation pathyway with excellent sensitivity and lot-to-lot consistency. The General Screening Panel also includes Fibrinogen assays to assess bleeding risk in patients with unexplained prolonged PT or APTT results.
Consistency, test after test, for optimal efficiency.