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dermatology laser / aesthetic medicine / acne treatment / diode



  • Applications:

    dermatology, aesthetic medicine, acne treatment

  • Amplifying medium:

    diode, InGaAsP

  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    1,064 nm


1064nm laser for dermatology and aesthetics: the comprehensive solution to take care of the skin

INTERmedic extends its family of laser solutions with Dermalase™, the multiapplication platform for the integral care of the skin.

Vascular injuries, benign dermatologic lesions, non-ablative facial rejuvenation, laser assisted liposuction, acne, granulomas, onychomycosis… Dermalase™ offers minimally invasive treatment for a wide range of pathologies with rapidity, efficacy and long-term results.

INTERmedic’s new system works with 1064nm laser technology. This laser wavelength has high penetration power into the dermis and very low absorption by the melanin, allowing its use even in skins with high phototypes. Dermalase™ is widely accepted by its efficacy, long-term results and its capacity to perform multiple minimally invasive percutaneous procedures, in a fast and comfortable way.