cylindrical dental implant / titanium / external hexagon

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cylindrical dental implant / titanium / external hexagon cylindrical dental implant / titanium / external hexagon


  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Connection:

    external hexagon

  • Implant diameter:

    3.4 mm, 3.75 mm, 4 mm, 4.75 mm (0.13 in)


Universal External Hex Implants
Many clinicians have achieved excellent success with external hex dental implant systems introduced by Professor Per-Ingvan Brånemark over four decades ago. This record of successful clinical experiences combined with technological advances developed by Intra-Lock inspired a new generation and a new standard of excellence for this classic design.

Intra-Lock’s Unihex™ Implant’s macro and micro design are based upon many of the technological advances found in Intra-Lock’s Internal Connection Implant System. The selection of implant architectures are engineered to be “site-specific” and to encourage physiologic harmony. OSSEAN®, Intra-Lock’s hydrophillic and biologically active surface treatment, activates the body’s natural healing abilities and stimulates bone cell metabolism; encouraging accelerated healing and greater bone-to-implant contact.

For the implant surgeon, this broad-based system will help ensure an ideal bone response when compromised volume, density, and extraction site defects are encountered. A single family of prosthetic components offer the restorative dentist unparalleled sophistication in oral rehabilitation, with simplicity in treatment planning and instrumentation.