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halogen dermatoscope
SIGMA 1000

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halogen dermatoscope halogen dermatoscope - SIGMA 1000


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The SIGMA 1000 Dermatoscope provides the general physicians and specialists a reliable method of examination of pigmented lesions and early diagnosis of malignant melanoma. A proper examination of the skin allows a proper comparison between the initial melanoma and other pathologies, enabling melanocytic and non-melanocytic structures to be distinguished. This procedure enables early detection and treatment of skin cancer and other frequently occurring skin diseases.


Sigma Dermatoscope is equipped with an easy to use Bayonet Locking System, adaptable to Handle for 2.5V Xenon Halogen light, fixed with a rheostat to adjust the intensity of light. The power sources are designed to be sturdy and can be powered by regular batteries as well as 2.5V Rechargeable Batteries without needing additional components. The Knuled Handles made surface a secure grip in the hand, simple changes of batteries at the base of the Handle.


All metal construction for durability. Bayonet locking system for easy engagement and disengagement from the handle. 2.5V Xenon/Halogen illumination of the examination field. High Resolution achromatic lenses system with 10x magnification. Adjustable focusing Eyepiece for a large correction range. Choice of two skin-friendly and sterilizable contact plates. With scale from 0 – 10mm for exact measurement of pigmented skin lesions. Without scale. Soft eyepiece protection.