2-channel infusion pump / volumetric / continuous / adult
MRidium™ 3861

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2-channel infusion pump 2-channel infusion pump - MRidium™ 3861
  • 2-channel infusion pump


  • Number of channels:


  • Type:

    volumetric, continuous

  • Patient type:



Have more than one IV to infuse?
The MRidium™ 3861 Sidecar Channel provides an optional 2nd channel of continuous fluid delivery. The addition of an MRidium™ 3861 Sidecar allows hospitals to convert their single channel MRidium™ 3860+ infusion pump into a Dual-Channel System designed for simultaneous delivery of both small and large volumetric fluids.

Full functionality with the MRidium™ 3865 Bi-Directional Wireless Remote Control provides clinicians with the flexibility to control both infusion channels from a single remote. By simply attaching the MRidium™ 3861 Sidecar Channel to the main unit clinicians may Program, Titrate and View up to two separate infusions simultaneously.