ECG patient monitor / RESP / SpO2 / intensive care



  • Measured parameter:

    ECG, RESP, SpO2

  • Applications:

    intensive care

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, wireless


A class IIa CE marked medical device, the PSE uses unobtrusive, wearable sensors to acquire real time vital sign data with high accuracy and resolution. Vital signs currently captured include heart rate, respiration rate, on-demand ECG, R-R intervals, oxygen saturation, on-demand PPG, temperature and blood pressure. Unlike standard bedside monitoring equipment, the PSE is completely wireless, freeing patients and staff from the tyranny of cables and leads, and may be used on patients both in hospital and at home.

The PSE “digitises the patient” and automatically uploads the continuous “obs” data to a patient record, simply, securely and at low cost.

Patients’ data is aggregated into a dashboard that may be viewed at any central point, or on any authorised mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. The inherently digital data may be used in real time to provide early warning scores or other predictive indicators, or used offline to develop new predictive algorithms and data-driven physiological bio-markers. By providing a continuous measure of the patient’s physiological status, the PSE brings the patient to the centre of care and provides an invaluable and robust record of the patient’s journey both in the hospital and at home.