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halotherapy chamber halotherapy chamber - Salis


Salis is the first Himalaya salt room, composed of a series of modules that can be combined to produce salt rooms as requested by clients, respecting their needs for space and easily creating a self-standing structure, functional and of great impact.

The simple and intuitive control panel allows the environment to be programmed with the desired temperature and humidity level and changed with a few easy movements. Music, chromotherapy and aromas complete the fantastic wellness offer to be found inside Salis.

Salt rooms are used for halotherapy treatments. More commonly known as “salt therapy”, halotherapy is a totally natural method based on microparticles of crystalline salt nebulized in the atmosphere, which with their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action are able to reinforce the immune system and eliminate muscular tension and stress.

The chromotherapy function is applied by RGB LED lights positioned both on the rear of each column of salt blocks and on two horizontal supports that light the ceiling on walls without salt blocks.

The benefits can be summarized as follows:

- Lower tendency to catch colds and influence
- Relief from dermatitis and psoriasis
- Increased pulmonary capacit
- Reduction of coughs even for smokers
- Greater utilization of vitamins B and C
- Relief from several types of allergy and hay fever
- Relief from migraine
- Beneficial effects for the nose and respiratory trac
- Relief from sore throats and bronchial coughs
- Reduction of the intensity of asthma attacks
- Reinforcement of the immune system
- Normalization of hormonal imbalances
- Improvements in sleep and relaxation
- More effective functioning of the entire organism