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Himalayan Cube



Design your SPA room with the new Himalayan Cube
Iso Benessere presents the new Himalayan Cube, an innovative product for wellness and beauty centers, which wish to have an emotional and invigorating salt room in a new or already existing space. Himalayan Cube consists of a ‘portable’ Salis technique, which can be placed in a room for the salt treatment and it is surrounded with natural and precious Himalayan salt bricks.

Each side of Himalayan Cube is covered with Himalayan salt bricks and gives the important benefits of halotherapy combined with chromotherapy. The pure Himalayan salt neutralizes the electromagnetic frequencies and charges the water molecules in the room with positive energy, providing beneficial effects against nervous tension, insomnia, difficulties in concentrations and free radicals. The rows of light behind the columns of bricks, created using an RGB LED lighting system, are remote controlled, making it easier to monitor the chromotherapy programmes.

Just a touch
The simple, control panel sets room temperature and humidity level that can be adjusted with a touch and set at the degree and time at disposal. Music, chromotherapy and aromas, complete this offer and can be controlled from the display by the operator or customer.

Design solutions
By combining Himalayan Cube with Himalayan salt wall or with Salis salt cabine by Iso Benessere, you will create an harmonious and designed space of great effect. If Himalayan Cube works with another product by ISO Benessere, an optional adaptor allows the matching of the colours, emphasizing the benefits of chromo therapy and creating a charming atmosphere.

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