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PCR reagent kit / for research / sample preparation / for qPCR
Isohelix™ BEK-50



  • Applications:

    for research, sample preparation, for qPCR, for PCR

  • Sample type:

    for DNA


Isohelix BEK-50 Single Step / Single Tube DNA Release Kit
The Isohelix Buccalyse DNA Release Kit produces high DNA yields from buccal swabs (2 to 4µg average total yield from an adult) offering significant advantages of ease of handling, speed and ease of sample preparation with rapid extraction of PCR-ready DNA using a single tube method not requiring centrifugation.

Kit Features

Quick and easy 1 tube / 1 step kit
PCR-ready DNA in under 20 mins
For simple and multiplex PCR
Ideal for qPCR DNA samples
Out performs alternative single tube kits
For high throughput and robotics
Developed for DNA buccal swabs