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DNA stabilization reagent kit / buffer solution / for gut microbiome / for DNA
StoolFiX™ STF-S1/1/50, SK-3S



  • Type:

    buffer solutions

  • Applications:

    for DNA stabilization, for gut microbiome

  • Sample type:

    for DNA, fecal


StoolFiX™ Gut Microbiome Stabilization
The New StoolFiX™ Gut Microbiome Collection and Stabilization prefilled tubes use the latest Isohelix DNA Stabilization chemistry, fully optimized for fecal microbiome DNA.

To minimize sample handling, the Isohelix DNA swabs are used to collect and transfer the sample into prefilled tubes containing the StoolFiX™ buffer. Once sealed the buffer protects the DNA integrity and maximizes yield for months at room temperature.

The robust tube is well suited to shipping, combining the collection, transportation and storage of samples into one tube.

Ambient Stability – Maintains Integrity Long Term
Isohelix Swab Matrix – Maximizes DNA Yield
Minimized Handling – Improves Reliability and Compliance
Transport Tested – At-home sampling
Automation Friendly – For High Throughput