CO2 analyzer / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry / portable



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    for the food industry, for the pharmaceutical industry

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CARBOCHECK CARBOCHECK is a portable CO2 analyser with an infrared sensor of latest generation, temperature compensated and with very low energy consumption.

This portable carbon dioxide analyser is acknowledged as being easy to operate, for its 0,1% precision and for itsversatility. It measures the incoming air pressure and regulates the capacity of the internal pump for a constant flow independent of the status of the filter and the length of the supply pipe.
The instrument is equipped with 2 large LCD for an easy reading of the analysis and its forefront electronic minimize the response time.
Moreover it has following characteristics:

permanent internal clock with date and time setting
printer output for analysis printing, with indication of the running analysis time
gap setting function between two printing processes
linear electrical output with 10bit resolution for tension and electricity volts and amps
cancellation of the electrical output via the menu to allow longer battery life during field operation
automatic calibration of the sensors from the menu with any sample gas concentration (even atmospheric air)
diagnostic function of correct operation of hardware with alarm signal on LCD
real time automatic filter control and dirty filter alarm
control of CO2 sensor operation and sensor damage alarm
led signal of battery charge
digital control of battery charge
manual battery charge button.