bipolar coagulation electrosurgical unit / cutting / urology / radio frequency
ITC-400D (ESU)



  • Features:

    bipolar coagulation, cutting

  • Application domain:


  • Type:

    radio frequency

  • Cutting power:

    400 W

  • Coagulating power:

    Max.: 120 W

    Min.: 70 W


ESU, electro surgery (surgical) unit
- The percentage output digital display shows on the front
- It is controlled by Microprocessor which is responsible
for controlling and monitoring of all the functions and
features in unit.
- Output values (CUT, COAG, BIPOLAR) are remained in
the memory after switching off. These values will be
come up to the display at turning on the power.
- Automatic bipolar output without using footswitch.
(400D, 300D)
- Multi monopolar outlets can be used for tow hand
control outlets and for one Laparoscope outlet.
- This can be hand or foot operated.
- A bipolar output power profile that provides good
resolution to permit small changes in power levels for
delicate work, yet has sufficient maximum output power
capability to satisfy the requirements of the more
demanding Procedures.
- Spray Coagulation provides the Trans Urethral
Resection (T.U.R) and Endoscopic procedures in
urology. (400D, 300D)
- Accessibility to parts and ease of maintenance that is
- Versatility, Reliability.
- Designed for safety / Designed for Ease of use.

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