hair removal laser / vascular lesion treatment / pigmented lesion treatment / Nd:YAG



  • Applications:

    hair removal, vascular lesion treatment, pigmented lesion treatment

  • Amplifying medium:

    Nd:YAG, alexandrite

  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    600 nm, 1,100 nm


Tirannus Alexandrite and Nd: YAG Laser - Powerful Light Fusion

During this year’s edition of the largest medical event in the world, MEDICA, ITS Group is pleased to surprise our devoted Partners and new Collaborators with the technology called TIRANNUS. Splendid blend of two forceful laser sources allows to perform wide range of treatments, from epilation, vascular and pigmented lesions treatment, to small surgery.

Out of concern for the needs of each patient, ITS Group designed a unique combination of Alexandrite and Nd: YAG laser that grants successful treatment irregardless the Phototype.

Humans choose to get rid of the body hair, as its thermoregulatory function is no longer needed in the era of Dior, Chanel or United Colors of Benetton.
Laser systems with wavelengths 600-1100nm are preferred for epilation due to sufficient penetrance into a deeply located hair root. By using appropriate wavelength, pulse duration and fluence, thermal injury can be limited to the absorbing chromophore, melanin, which is rich in the hair shaft. However, in order to achieve permanent hair removal, hair bulb and stem cells should get destructed as well. Those structures are believed to be amelanotic. The extended theory of selective photothermolysis explains heat propagation from the hair shaft to the surrounding tissues (including hair bulb and stem cells), allowing the progressive, permanent hair removal.