infusion rate patient monitor / intensive care / vascular diagnostic / pediatric
ivWatch 400



  • Measured parameter:

    infusion rate

  • Applications:

    intensive care, vascular diagnostic

  • Patient type:


  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, venous


The ivWatch Model 400 consists of the ivWatch Patient Monitor, for monitoring and notifications, a reusable sensor cable that uses visible and near-infrared light, and a disposable receptacle that is placed next to the peripheral IV to secure the sensor to the patient. If changes in the optical properties of the tissue near the PIV insertion site are consistent with an infiltration, the ivWatch monitor will provide audible and visual notifications, alerting clinicians of an infiltration event. The ivWatch Model 400 is capable of detecting infiltrations with high sensitivity in as little as 0.22 mL of IV fluid with an average detection of an infiltration at just over 3 mL of IV fluid and low false alarm frequency.