support pillow / positioning / protection / visco-elastic foam
Schampi pillow



  • Type:

    support, positioning, protection

  • Material:

    visco-elastic foam

  • Other characteristics:

    washable, anatomical


Give Your Bed an Additional Sitting Function

The pillow is placed behind the back of the patient, once he or she has been helped in to a sitting position.

The pillow is prevented from sliding backward by securing the side rail of the bed behind the patient. It provides a secure and comfortable positioning thanks to the contoured back rest.

Many patients who suffer from anxiety/respiratory distress experience relief when they can sit on the edge of the bed for a moment. It can also be used with patients with lung disease, such as asthma and COPD, or heart failure.

The Schampi pillow also has positive effects on pressure ulcer prevention, as it increases positioning options. Variation is made possible/encouraged.
One-sided body positioning (supine) is avoided.

2 versions: With or without armrest.

Recycling: The Schampi pillow are fully recyclable and should be sorted as combustible waste. No dismantling is required.