hospital bed mattress overlay / alternating pressure / low air loss / with air pump
OptiCell 3 NX



  • Applications:

    for hospital beds

  • Technology:

    alternating pressure, low air loss

  • Other characteristics:

    anti-decubitus, with air pump


OptiCell 3 NX
Art No 12-010121-006
OptiCell 3 NX is an alternating pressure air mattress which is placed
on top of a foam mattress (for example, one of Järven’s standard
mattresses). It aids the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers
up to and including Category 4.
OptiCell 3 NX has a height of 13cm and comes with a durable OptiTex™ cover
and a CPR valve for emergency situations.
The interchangeable mattress cells and waterproof cover provide a Low Air
Loss function, helping to manage the microclimate around areas in contact
with the patient.
The supplied pump can provide both static and alternating pressure. It is
easy to use and automatically adjusts to the patient’s weight, length, location,
movements and position in the bed. The pump has four preprogrammed
cycle times of 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes.