laboratory clean bench / on casters / vertical laminar flow
BC-01B, BC-21B



  • Applications:


  • Configuration:

    on casters

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical laminar flow


Vertical laminar flow clean benches!
ISO Class 4 air cleanliness as per ISO 14644.1 (equivalent to Class 10 as per US Federal Standard 209E)
High-quality pre-filter and main HEPA filter
Nominal downflow velocity of Max. 0.45 m/sec

Filtration Features

ISO Class 4 (US Class 10) HEPA filter for optimal protection against cross-contamination
0.3 μm and larger particulates are removed with 99.99% efficiency, leak-tight HEPA filter which satisfying class 10.(US Federal Standard 209E) (average life span of HEPA filter: 3 years – it depends on the test room conditions)
Comfortable front access for inspection of HEPA filter and easy validation.
- Standard gas injection hole for easy checking of HEPA filter leak performance test.
High-quality polyester fiber pre-filter (with minimal pressure loss and 85% arrestance on the A.F.I. test) for trapping larger particles and increasing the life of the main HEPA filter
Digital differential pressure sensor allows for easy verification of HEPA filter condition great for knowing when to change HEPA filter.
Built-in differential pressure gauge for easy checking HEPA filter condition.
Easy blower speed adjustment by the control panel.