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MALDI-TOF spectrometer / TOF-MS

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MALDI-TOF spectrometer / TOF-MS MALDI-TOF spectrometer / TOF-MS - JMS-S3000


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    349 nm


The JMS-S3000 is a MALDI-TOFMS that incorporates the innovative SpiralTOF ion optical system. The JMS-S3000 SpiralTOFTM has evolved into the SpiralTOF™-plus with much improved MS imaging functionality. The JMS-S3000 SpiralTOFTM-plus defines a new standard in MALDI-TOFMS performance and provides state-of-the-art analytical solutions for a wide range of research areas such as functional synthetic polymers, materials science, and biomolecules.
Setting the new standard in MALDI-TOFMS performance
A conventional reflectron TOFMS with delayed extraction method can only achieve high mass-resolving power over a limited mass range. The SpiralTOF™-plus overcomes this challenge by extending the flight distance, thus successfully achieving high mass-resolving power over a wide mass range.
Reduced topographic effect of matrix crystal
The topographic effect of the matrix crystal leads to a difference in flight start position for the ions, resulting in a difference in flight time. In the conventional ion optical system, this time difference degrades the mass resolving power and also the mass accuracy obtained with external mass calibration. With its extended flight distance, the JMS-S3000 reduces this effect to the minimum and achieves highly reproducible mass resolving power and high mass accuracy with an external mass calibration. High mass-resolution and mass accuracy can be maintained for imaging analysis of a biological specimen in which a large number of mass spectra are acquired across a large area and the specimen surface is likely to be uneven.