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mass spectrometer / quadrupole / magnetic sector / high-resolution
JMS-700 Mstation



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    mass, quadrupole, magnetic sector

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GC-MS: JMS-700 MStation Mass Spectrometer
A high resolution mass spectrometer featuring full-control by computer, equipped with auto-tuning of various parameters including the ion source.
High Sensitivity
The MStation employs a quadrupole doublet based lens system to optimize ion transmission and beam shape between the ion source and the magnetic sector. This quadrupole lens system permits the use of a wide entrance slit and therefore more ions are transmitted into the mass analyzer then on a conventional double focusing instrument design. The use of a 10kV ion source in combination with a postacceleration conversion dynode-based ion detector allows for effective detection of either positive or negative ions. The MStation is guaranteed to detect the molecular ion derived from 200 pg of methyl stearate with an S/N of 400 or better in the EI mode.
High Resolution
A resolution exceeding 60,000 can easily be obtained with the MStation. Exact mass determination can be obtained over the entire mass range of the instrument when required. The main, intermediate, and collector slits are computer controlled by the action of a single program. This permits the selection of resolution by computer command at the direction of the operator, thus simplifying instrument operation."