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quadrupole spectrometer / for environmental analysis

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quadrupole spectrometer / for environmental analysis quadrupole spectrometer / for environmental analysis - JMS-Q1500GC


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    for environmental analysis


This new generation GC/MS system has excellent performance characteristics that represent a further advancement of our quadrupole MS technology. The JMS-Q1500GC can be used for a wide range of applications such as environmental analysis for agrichemicals and mold odor, material analysis, and aroma analysis.
Higher Sensitivity for Scan and SIM Modes
By further improving JEOL’s Draw-in lens, the scan mode sensitivity for 1pg of OFN is improved to a S/N=>1000 which is the highest for QMS.
In SIM mode, 10 fg or lower of OFN has been achieved for the instrument detection limit (IDL).
This new feature simplifies the SIM grouping process. The new ”Peak Dependent SIM” function automatically sets the optimal groupings. Therefore, anyone can easily execute measurements using the optimal SIM conditions.
The maximum channel number for SIM measurements per 1 group is 100 channels, and the maximum group number is 300 groups.
In addition, the acquisition time per 1 channel can be set as desired for 0.1msec or more*
Sensitivity Comparison between Peak Dependent SIM Condition and General SIM Condition
Use of Peak Dependent SIM function improves the sensitivity by 2.4 to 5.5 times compared with the results measured by using the general SIM conditions (Comparison among 3 agrichemicals).
Simple Maintenance with Reduced Cost
Simple Maintenance with Reduced Cost
The JMS-Q1500GC utilizes a larger ion source window to simplify the ion source maintenance. No tools are required to remove or insert the ion source chamber.