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import software / treatment / for NMR spectrometry
Delta 5, ALICE2



  • Function:

    import, treatment

  • Application domain:

    for NMR spectrometry


Delta NMR Software
NMR software ‘Delta’ is the standard software for the JNM-ECZR/ECZS/ECA/ECX/ECS/ECAII/ECXII series instruments. The newest version of Delta 5, is a user-friendly software including an optimized GUI,a multi-user interface, multi-language support and features enhanced automation. A wide range of modern data processing functions are implemented e.g. Covariance NMR, Projection-Reconstruction, DOSY, ROSY, etc.
Main features of Delta NMR software
Object-oriented, multi-dimensional data manipulation
Digital filtering
Fourier transform
Multi-dimensional phasing
Notch and high-pass filter
Linear prediction, BLIP and FLIP
Baseline correction

NMR data processing software "ALICE2"
"ALICE2" has been NMR data processing software since 1994. It has a simple interface to process NMR data quickly. It is liked by many NMR users not only in Japan but all over the world. Version 6 supports Windows® 7.

Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
ALICE is the data processing software implemented in NMR system.

Automatic peak detection
Data presentation and plotting
Data format import and export utilities
Delta runs on the multiple platforms: WINDOWS®and Mac OSX.