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TOF-MS spectrometer / benchtop / compact

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TOF-MS spectrometer / benchtop / compact TOF-MS spectrometer / benchtop / compact - JMS-MT3010HRGA


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    benchtop, compact


The JMS-MT3010HRGA ("INFITOF") uses innovative Multi-Turn time-of-flight ion optics to provide a gas analysis system with very high mass resolving power in a compact package. The entire mass spectrometer, including the vacuum pump, is not much larger than a desktop personal computer.
The system is capable of detecting ions over the m/z range 1 to 1000. It is the only compact gas analysis mass spectrometer system that can detect hydrogen as H+ and separate closely spaced ions such as H2+ and D+, or N2+ and CO+. This makes it ideal for the analysis of high-purity gases, gases related to semiconductors, catalysts and high-tech materials, for monitoring exhaust gases, cracking and related refinery processes, and next-generation hydrogen-based energy sources.
Advanced Multi-Turn Technology
With its advanced Multi-Turn technology, the INFITOF provides a variable-length ion-flight path (up to 200 m) in a very compact analyzer (20 cm x 20 cm).
High Mass Resolving Power
The innovative Multi-Turn technology makes the spectrometer compact while maintaining high mass resolving power. The resolving power of 30,000 (FWHM) or higher is achieved even for low masses, such as N2+ (28.0062). With a conventional compact mass spectrometer, it is difficult to achieve mass separation of gas components like carbon monoxide and nitrogen as CO+ (m/z 27.9949) and N2+ (m/z 28.0062), or carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide as CO2+ (m/z 43.9898) and N2O+ (m/z 44.0011). The new INFITOF system can easily separate these gas components, and it can obtain accurate mass measurements for elemental composition determinations of unknowns or confirmation of known species.