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trolley-mounted anesthesia workstation / with respiratory monitoring / with ventilator / with gas scavenging system



  • Ergonomics:


  • Options:

    with respiratory monitoring, with ventilator, with gas scavenging system


B5 anesthesia machine features:
1. bellows Loop
Integrally molding, to ensure air tightness, 3-year warranty
2. The evaporator
Concentration with temperature, pressure, flow compensation, and any one can import vaporizes out rival
2 evaporator tank position, the user can freely select narcotic drugs
3. Ventilator
Large color LCD display, flow rate - time waveform physical characteristics, lung function ring, time monitoring of the patient - time waveform, flow
Constant pressure with constant volume and other functions
Tidal volume as low as 20ml (1kg = 8-12ml)
With oxygen concentration monitoring
4. Flowmeter
Oxygen linkage laugh, to better meet the requirements of hospital
Commitment: customer dissatisfaction machine, five days unconditional return