universal operating table / manual / on casters
Coburg Exaflex 6115



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    on casters


Operating table for universal use, particularly suited, through its various position options, to outpatient departments, general surgery, and special disciplines. Also suited to military use due to its relatively light weight and easy dismantling. As a field operation table, it can be dismantled and packed into two aluminium boxes

completely manufactured out of aluminium and stainless steel
chrome-nickel steel rails 25 x 10mm on both sides on seat, back and leg plates
anti-static, washable cushion which resists all types of disinfecting substances, and does not absorb any liquid, including blood
height adjustment by means of a maintenance-free hydraulic pump
back rest infinitely and easily adjustable by means of a gas spring
separate leg rests infinitely and easily adjustable by means of detents and supported by a gas spring
Trendelenburg position, Anti-Trendelenburg position and lateral inclination infinitely adjustable by means of a crank mechanism
double-jointed headrest, laterally movable, adjustable inclination, removable
passed through guide angles on both sides for X-ray cassettes
wide range of accessories