electric stimulator / tabletop / EMS / TENS
NMS 498

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electric stimulator / tabletop / EMS / TENS electric stimulator / tabletop / EMS / TENS - NMS 498


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    electric stimulator

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NMS 498 - The Advanced way to Pain Management and Muscle Rehabilitation

NMS-498 the electronic nerve muscle stimulator provides seven different modes of NMES stimulation which are designed to act on the specific muscle groups. This micro computer controlled unit combines the proven therapies suited best to the rehabilitation needs.

Technical Specifications

No. of Channels: 4, 8 Electrodes
Waveform: Symmetrical Bi-Phasic Square
Modes: Continuous, Fast Burst, Slow Burst, Ramp Burst, Wide Low Frequency,
Narrow Low Frequency, Auto All
Selections: Frequency: 1Hz 200Hz
Pulse Width: 50μS 350μS
Treatment Time: 1-60 min.
Contraction Time: 6 sec, 8 sec
Relaxation Time: 2 sec , 4 sec
Output voltage: 50 Volts
Power Supply: 220V AC / 50 Hz


Single machine with the benefit of dual therapies (TENS/ EMS)
4 body areas/ 2 patients can be treated at one time
Inbuilt 7 preset programs enabling treatment of different pains

EMS Applications

Wrist strengthening
Grip strengthening
Tibialis strengthening
ACL reconstruction
Intrinsic strengthening
Quadriceps strengthening
Anterior shoulder subluxation
Upper trap spasm
Shoulder weakness