dilatation catheter / balloon

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dilatation catheter / balloon dilatation catheter / balloon - E-xpand


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The E-xpand stent graft balloon catheter promotes the expansion of self-expanding stent grafts in the endovascular treatment of abdominal and thoracic aortic diseases. By expanding the stent graft balloon catheter, the shaping of the graft material and the apposition of the stent graft against the vascular wall is supported.

The E-xpand is using a compliant balloon which is characterized by particularly short inflation and deflation times. The balloon can be inflated up to a diameter of 50 mm. The balloon has radiopaque markers on both ends for exact placement. The 100 cm long catheter is compatible with 0.035" guide wires and can be placed using a 12 F sheath.

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