veterinary radiography X-ray generator / for multipurpose radiography / portable



  • Type of imagery:

    for veterinary radiography, for multipurpose radiography

  • Options:




High frequency inverter type generator
Digital displays of kV, mAs and exposure time(sec.)
Self-manageable APR function with memory keys
Stable output by dynamic voltage compensator
Self-detection of error conditions
Available bucky interface kit


Powerful output covering most radiographic technique
Superb images with a high quality, small focal spot X-ray tube
Excellent reproducibility not offered by line voltage fluctuation
Reduced the hazards of X-ray radiation
Prolonged lifetime of X-ray tube
Plug into ordinary power outlets

High frequency X-ray generators combine compact size, light product weight, and portability for a number of medical and veterinary applications.

Our X-ray stands are extremely stable mobile X-ray platforms intended for use in veterinary clinics, sports medicine environments, and other mobile X-ray applications.

Portable tables enable you to integrate your portable X-ray generator to capture images, and then remove the portable generator anytime you want to work away from your office or clinic environment. Our portable aluminum X-ray tables are ideal for unusual or awkwardly placed cases.

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