glenoid cavity prosthesis

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glenoid cavity prosthesis glenoid cavity prosthesis


Glenoid metal-back
Designed to be used in anatomic and inverse shoulder arthroplasty ensuring maximum
intraoperative flexibility with minimum inventory.
• Curved Mounting Surface – Converts micromotion-inducing shear forces to
compression forces at the implant / bone interface, encouraging bone ingrowth into the
H-A.C. coating
• Supravit® Zoned H-A.C. coating – “clinically proven coating provides high shear
strength, designed to increase longevity”2
• Large Glenoid peg – provides central support to recruit cortical bone
• Tapered Peg profile – generates compressive force at the implant/bone interface upon
implantation with screws, enhancing fixation and providing stability required for secondary
• Locking screw caps – Reduces micromotion and locks the Glenoid firmly in position
to reduce the risk of component loosening. Three cortical bone screws located inferiorly
where more Glenoid bone stock lies