video corpo

temperature data logger / wireless / with probe



  • Data type:


  • Other characteristics:

    wireless, with probe


Description :

Possibility of monitoring the hottest and the coldest points in your chamber (SPY RF ® Santé U2 and N2)
Extremely accurate measurements in the range +2 and +8°C
COFRAC calibration certificate for 3 points (-18, +2, +8°C)
Measurement range: T: -40 +80°C TH: -30 +70°C and 0 to 100% RH
Measurement precision: ± 0.3°C with probe from -20 to +30°C and 0.5°C out of the range
Type of sensor: digital
Protection index: IP65
Has interchangeable sensors for ease of maintenance
Does not damage door seal (flat cable)
Included: user manual, wall-mounting bracket, 3 points COFRAC calibration certificate (-18,+2,+8°C), temperature probe supplied with 3m cable

Benefits :

Dedicated fo pharmacy and medical biology (developped with AP-HP)
Possibility to monitor the hottest and coldest spots of your chamber
High accuracy in the range +2 to +8°C
Supplied with COFRAC* calibration certificate (*: equivalent to EU standards).