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Low temperature digital probe DescriptionThe low temperature digital probe has an internal memory to store gauging parameters.It is interchangeable to perform easily metrology operations.Data from metrology operations performed with Metrolog Calibration are automatically transferred in Sirius Storage.It is fitted with a thin cable to allow installation through door seals.It is compatible with SPY RF N, SPY TOUCH'N ans SPY IP recorders. Measurement range : from 0°C to -200°C Measurement accuracy : ±0,2°C from 0°C to -20°C and ±0,5°C outside Type of sensor : inox Dimensions of sensor : Ø3x20mm Type and dimensions of cable : fluoropolymere - 1m - Ø2,9 mm Protection of sensor and cable : IP 68 Immersion of cable : continuous immersion in water and glycolic solutions and punctual immersion in alcoholic solutions Type and dimensions of converter : aluminium - Ø11x51mm Type of connector : binder Points for a standard calibration certificate : -10°C, -50°C, -80°C Points for a cofrac calibration certificate or Cofrac checking report : -196°C, -60°C Points of gauging : 0°C, -60°C Part nr : 10981