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diagnostic reagent / for clinical chemistry / for amylase / liquid
10 114

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diagnostic reagent diagnostic reagent - 10 114


  • Applications:

    diagnostic, for clinical chemistry

  • Tested parameter:

    for amylase

  • Other characteristics:



Diagnostic sets of the «DDS» line are specially designed for simple (programmable) photometers, photometers with flow cuvette and semi-automatic biochemical analyzers.

Advantages of the liquid reagents of the "DDS" line are not only their low cost, but also high stability up to the expiration date, economical use and confidence in the results of analyzes.

The use of «DDS» line kits completely eliminates errors related to the quality of water and measuring dishes, since they do not contain freeze-dried components.

Reagents of the "DDS" line are recommended for manual photometers and semiautomatic devices, since:

all reagents of the "DDS" line are liquid and ready for use, do not require preliminary preparation, as in the case of using lyophilized reagents. This saves time for the analysis;
all procedures are performed in the monoreagent format, which is achieved by mixing reagent 1 and reagent 2 in a ratio of 4 + 1. This scheme is more convenient, less time-consuming and requires less time to perform analysis on manual photometers and semiautomatic devices;
working reagents are characterized by high stability after mixing (from several days to several months), they can be stored and used within the specified time;
analytical characteristics of reagents guarantee the quality of parameters measurement for manual and semiautomatic photometers.