cordless root canal obturator / gutta-percha

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cordless root canal obturator / gutta-percha cordless root canal obturator / gutta-percha - GUTTAFILL


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«GuttaFill» — the cordless «syringe» type (backfill unit) with precise motorized extrusion for root canal filling by heated gutta-percha.

Features and benefits:
— Cordless motor-driven «syringe» type extruder allows complete freedom of movement and less hand fatigue.
— 3 different levels of extrusion speed for better control of filling process and convenience.
— Due to the innovative technology heater temperature not exceed 60°C which ensures the safety of your patients.
— Light-weight and well balanced handpiece.
— Digital display indication of the level of remaining gutta-percha.
— Modern Li-Po the battery. Fully charged battery is enough for 7 operating cycles.
— Long bendable injector needles made of superior silver alloy offer good heat conduction and superior strength.
— The device kit contains a multi-functional wrench applicable to an adequate bending of the injector needle in any clinical case and also for screw-type fastening and unfastening of the accessories.
— Low-cost everyday using due to using of gutta-percha obturators (fillers).
1 obturator is sufficient for obturation of 3 root canals. If the gutta-percha is over, you can immediately continue working using removable autoclavable reserve heater.