gutta-percha root canal obturator / cordless

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gutta-percha root canal obturator / cordless gutta-percha root canal obturator / cordless - OBTUREST


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Cordless Obturation System «OBTUREST» = 1) Down-pack handpiece «GUTTAEST-V (L)» + 2) Backfill handpiece «GUTTAFILL»

Designed for root canal obturation by way of warm vertical condensation technique, System OBTUREST is characteristic of reliable down-pack and backfill performance in a cordless design.

Features and Benefits
— Easy to Use
— Low-cost Use (unique injector of «syringe» type applicable with low-cost gutta-percha obturators
— Easy & Quick down-pack obturation modes: Continuous Wave™ and Single Motion
— Convenience of use 1) ergonomic light hand-pieces 2) cordless design 3) prompt gutta-percha heating and automatic turn Off.
— Compact design

Down-pack unit
—Has functions of vibration and illumination of the working area
—High-quality thermo-pluggers of several sizes, and tapers for each canal anatomy
—Digital temperature and advanced installation technology keeps heater safe (32- 57 °C) for you and the patient
—Heats up to 200°C in less than 5 sec ; the adjusted heating range is spanned from 50° to 300°C

Backfill unit
—Unique injector of «syringe» type used with economical gutta-percha obturators (fillers)
—Motor-driven extruder for less hand fatigue
—Easy positioning of gutta-percha obturators
—3-speed flow of heated gutta-percha contributes for homogenous and dense filling
—Indicates at a level of remaining gutta-percha
—Easily removable heater ready for autoclave treatment in 130 sterilization cycles
—Up to 7 operating cycles on fully charged battery
—Long needle makes for convenience and good visibility. It could be adequately bent for any clinical case
—Digital and color display indication of the gutta-percha current temperature