multipurpose fluoroscopy X-ray generator / for multipurpose radiography / with control panel
HFe 401, HFe 801

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multipurpose fluoroscopy X-ray generator multipurpose fluoroscopy X-ray generator - HFe 401, HFe 801


  • Type of imagery:

    for multipurpose fluoroscopy, for multipurpose radiography

  • Options:

    with control panel

  • Power:

    40,000 W, 50,000 W, 65,000 W, 80,000 W


The generators Editor HFe 401-801 are characterized by:

Programmed organ parameters
Easy to maintain by modular concept
Highly developed electronics and the most up-to-date converter technology
Integration of the measuring system in the generator
Optimal protection of the tubes
Compatibility with x-ray tubes of different producers
Compatibility with measuring chambers of different producers
Digital automatic exposure control
Integration of the generator - under table generator - in the Bucky table
CS 3000