orthopedic surgical table / ENT / urological / cardiology

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orthopedic surgical table / ENT / urological / cardiology orthopedic surgical table / ENT / urological / cardiology - DH-S103-01


  • Applications:

    orthopedic, ENT, urological, cardiology

  • Operation:


  • Features:



●DH: S103 type operation platform is integrated electric hydraulic operation sets, imported assembly models, use it for a conduct in abdominal surgery, orthopedics, neurology and ear, nose and throat, urology surgery.
●The chassis cover, column jacket are used imported stainless steel stamping die.
●The operation bench is provided with integral lifting, tilt, tilt and lifting table, back, waist bridge translation, etc..
●operation stations are equipped with interlayer can place the cassette and mesa shift function can be in without moving the patient completed film work, but also for all type C arm fluoroscopy or photography, such as cardiovascular photography, body bone perspective.
●The operation can add Department of orthopedics operation traction, traction frame landing support, adjustable traction angle.
●The operation is equipped with craniocerebral operation head mounting hole, up and down, left and right brain operation position adjustment.
●operating table with lifting the waist bridge, adjust the position of abdominal surgery, can also be configured abdominal support frame, can adjust the position back surgery.
●The table used poly foam polyurethane disposable mold, and anti-static, easy to wash.
●The operation table base controlled by the operator, walking, lock.
●The design of double operating system - operation station.
●Main motor and components, sealing parts, oil pump uses the overseas famous brand, implementation of PLC control to ensure the reliability of the operation platform moving parts and electrical.
●equipped with tie body with locking device at.
●The waist, shoulder support for polyurethane foam molding.