electric blood donor chair / 3-section



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Operation Description

●DH-S103B is a new product of our company,which is economic, nice and concise. The tractive effort cylinder hasthe function of using C arm to diacrisis through X ray, which is much suitable for the surgical operation.

●It adopts imported gynamic system, i.e.,the linear motor. It has many functions like up/down movements, back section turn,and leg section trun.It also applies to various postures of stretch out lying,seated and half lyingduring blood collecting.

●The integral elevating function of the chairs can increase or decrease the pressure of blood collection. The back linkage structure can regulate various positions of the blood donor. The left and right handles can be regulated in all directions according to the requirement of the blood donor.
●The surface of the back section fits the human body well that offers the donors comfort. The wide arm board maintains the angle itis despite the back section changes its angle. Integrate with the function that turn outwards, the arm positioning for the donor is much more convenient.

●Besides, a cantilever can assembleon the table as aspecial accessary, on which a LCD can be fixed to play DVD andTV. This design can release the donors’ mood, make the whole process more relax and happy, fits the humanization require.

Technical Parameters

Chair dimension:1700mm(curve length) ×560mm


Head section turn: -15°~25°

Back section lift: -5~70°

Leg section turn: 5~ -65°

Foot support telescopic:100mm

Foot support turn:0~90°

Fixed angle of seat section:5°

Arm board swing out: 0~45°

Arm board height adjustment: 100mm

Arm board slide: 100mm