gynecological examination table / hydraulic / height-adjustable / Trendelenburg



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    height-adjustable, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg

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Operation Description
●The integrated gynecology set is designedand manufactured to meet the need of the medical enterprise. It is used forchildbirth, gynecology surgical operation, examining and many other functions,including urgent caesarean operation.
●The ascent and decent of the whole set is controlled by foot trample hydraulic pressure, with a shake handle to make the platform top rake and back slope and the back plank rise.
● It has the characteristics of convenient operation for the divorcing, stretching and drawing of its plug-in secondary station.
●The platform is made of froth polyurethane,wrapped with artificial leather and moved by the foot controller.
●The planks, basins and all outer shells are made of stainless steel, which makes nice appearance and easy cleaning andsterilizing.
●Mattress is made from mould, with no seam on the surface.

Table top dimension: length 1895mm, width 610mm

Min.& Max. table height: 630mm~880mm

Trendelenburg & reverse trendelenburg:reverse trend ≥ 10°, trend ≥15°

Back section turning: -10°~75°

Assist platform dimension: length 550mm, width 610mm

Arm rest swing out: ≥ 90°

Filth basin dimension:468×338×125mm(can be equipped with soft pipe)

Standard Accessories

Waterproof cushion 1 set

Waist grab handle 1 pair

Leg holder 1 pair

Filth basin 1 piece

Arm rest 1 pair

Clamp 1 pair