universal operating table / electric / height-adjustable / on casters



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    height-adjustable, on casters, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, X-ray transparent


Operation Description

●DH-S103B is a new product of ourcompany,which is economic, nice and concise. The tractive effort cylinder hasthe function of using C arm to diacrisis through X ray, which is much suitableforthe surgical operation.

●The whole lifting adopts a parallelogram lifting structure, which is stable.

●The whole bed of lifting is powered by Denmark imported LINAK motor.

●Head board, backplane, leg plate can be manually adjusted to any angle to meet the requirements of the different operative position.
●The bed body tilt control hand adopts mechanical structure, which is small and easy for C arm fluoroscopy.

●The mattress adopts polyurethane foaming mould foaming mould, one-time molding, which is easy to clean.

●The head, shoulder, waist, leg frame adopts polyurethane disposable foaming molding. All attachments can be easily removed.
●Using wheels is easy to move; control brake locking is more stable and is convenient for the operation of medical staff.

Technical Descripition

Tabledimension including the rails: length 2025mm,width 540mm

Tabletop dimension: length 2000mm,width 500mm

Tableheight: lowest≤640mm, highest≥950mm

Lateraltilt: left≥12°right≥12°

Trendelenburgand reverse trendelenburg: reverse trend≥18°trend≥18°

Headsection turning: up≥45°down≥45°

Backsection turning: up≥75°down≥15°

Legsection turning down: ≥75°

Legsection swing out: ≥90°

Armrestswing out: ≥90°

Standard Accessories

Anaesthesiascreen frame 1 set

Bodystrap 1piece

Lateralsupport 1 pair

Shouldholder 1 pair

Legholder 1 pair