ENT surgery microscope / on casters
Kaps Pro ENT



  • Microscope type:

    ENT surgery microscope

  • Ergonomics:

    on casters

  • Zoom:

    10 unit


The Kaps Pro ENT high end manual is a powerful manual surgical microscope and ideally suited for outpatient surgical centers or smaller clinics and laser centers.

The compact design allows a short working distance of the surgeon to the surgical field.

The apochromatic optics with 5-step magnification changer deliver sharp, bright and high-contrast images. Together with the bright illumination, it is the ideal device combination for surgeons who need a first-class manual surgical microscope for routine ENT procedures or demanding examinations.

Especially in ENT surgery, it depends on fine, precisely executed movements. Equipped with a 45° swivel coupling with balancing device, the Kaps Pro ENT high end manual is characterized by its easy positioning and a user-friendly design. Manual balancing ensures that the surgical microscope remains in perfect balance - regardless of the accessories installed.

By default, the Kaps Pro ENT surgical microscope has a cold light illumination. Optionally, you can also equip the microscope with LED lighting. The illumination intensity is controlled in seconds using a potentiometer.

Thanks to its compact design, the mobile floor stand can also be optimally integrated into smaller operating rooms. For operating rooms where floor space is important, a ceiling mount with high stability and large boom radius is the ideal installation solution.

Keep your surgical microscope completely sterile by using asepsis caps and drapes on the controls.