ambulance stretcher trolley / electric / height-adjustable / 2 sections



  • Type:

    for ambulances

  • Operation:


  • Features:


  • Number of sections:

    2 sections


With the NEW RESCUE CONCEPT ‚BRAVA‘ we intend to revolutionize the rescue service and to diminish physical stress. We attach great importance to the adaption of work to human physical abilities with the balance of physical stress and ability.

We all know, of course, that physical stress cannot be completely avoided in rescue service. With our ‚BRAVA‘ concept we want to support the rescue service personnel by significantly diminishing the work loading.

‚No manual lifting or lowering of the patient stretcher and, moreover, safe and comfortable loading and unloading of the stretcher, irrespective of the ambulance height.‘

Our electric powerBRAVA offers many adavantages:

Easy handling & comfort
More safety for patient and operator
Flexible applications as multi-use stretcher
High economic efficieny

Our all-rounder can be used in PTA and MICU. It is also applicable as heavy-weight stretcher in conjunction with the BRAVA enlargement kit, with a load capacity up to 300 kg.