video corpo

dental X-ray generator / analog or digital / hand-held



  • Type of system:

    dental X-ray generator

  • Technology:

    analog or digital

  • Ergonomics:



The World’s Most Popular Handheld X‑ray System
NOMAD Pro 2™ is lightweight, rechargeable (battery-powered), and can go anywhere. Dental professionals around the world have rapidly chosen the NOMAD as their preferred X-ray device, both in and out of the office, with more than 20,000 NOMADs now in use.

Handheld and portable design moves from room to room, eliminating the need for multiple units
Simple built-in controls make it possible to quickly adjust exposure time
Perfect for use with children and special needs patients
The external backscatter shield and internal radiation shielding protects the operator from radiation exposure
Produces high-quality images whether you use the latest digital sensors, dental film, or phosphor plates
Hundreds of images can be obtained from one battery charge