electronic laboratory balance / analytical / with digital display / benchtop
ABP series



  • Technology:

    electronic, analytical

  • Display type:

    with digital display

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with internal calibration weight

  • Weighing capacity:

    52 g, 120 g, 220 g, 320 g (1.83 oz)

  • Readability:

    0.01 g, 0.1 g (0.0004 oz)


Analytical balance ABP
Premium analytical balance with the latest Single-Cell Generation for extremely rapid, stable weighing results
NEW: Extremely fast ionization process, thanks to the latest generation of KERN ionization technology to neutralise electrostatic charge for fixed installation in the analytical balance. Particularly convenient handling as you no longer need a separate device. Simply enable the ioniser fan at the push of a button. Suitable for all models, see accessories to the right
Bright OLED display with large viewing angle for the very best readout from a wide range of lines of sight
RS 232 and USB interfaces for the transfer of weighing data to PCs, tablets, printers as well as for the connection of external devices, such as barcode scanners (option), numeric keypad (option), etc.
GLP/ISO record keeping: professional, detailed GLP-Protocol, so that the balance is completely compliant with the relevant standard requirements in accordance with ISO, GLP and GMP
This new generation of analytical balances combines the highest level of precision with large weighing ranges. Thanks to the new Single-Cell Generation, the weighing result is displayed in a fraction of the time with comparable models. Together with the intuitively structured menu, this means that you can work efficiently and rapidly
Navigation pad for super quick navigating through the menusAutomatic internal adjustment in the case of a change in temperature > 1 °C and time-controlled every 4 hours, guarantees high degree of accuracy and makes the balance independent of its location of use