electric massage table / on casters / height-adjustable / with armrests



  • Operation:


  • Features:

    on casters, height-adjustable, with armrests

  • Number of sections:



With electrical motor lift for height variation manipulated by foot or hand switch

With steady and safe shears conctruction for height adjustment by electric motor from 430 mm to 970 mm (no side displacement)
Ideal where a big regulating range is ergonomic efficient and can assist your working.

Model 4300-00:

Head section, 1-part, with nose slot and cushion to close
Head part stepless upwards and downwards adjustable, controlled by pneumatic spring
Foot part fixed.
Foot upholstery is reduced in the first third of the part (This enables a better contact between patient and therapist)
With 2 arm-parts, placed at the first third of foot upholstery asides the table (approx. width each: 120 mm). Arm parts downwards to vertical position (90°) adjustable
With lengthening part at the end of foot section
(approx. 100 mm)
Lengthening part also adjustable in the height (upwards)
approx. 150 mm
Lengthening part removable if it is not used.

Basic equipment:

Underpart: + Steady and safe shears construction, therefore no side displacement by height variation
White plastic-laminated
Standard: Not movable, because there are different possibilities for providing see special equipment.

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