waiting room beam chair / 3-seater / 2-person / 4-seater
Doni Tandem™



  • Setting:

    for waiting rooms

  • Number of places:

    3-seater, 2-person, 4-seater


If you can dream it, Dōni can express it. Dōni lets designers do what they do best - use their own creativity to design seating solutions unique to their clients. Create with a fresh palette of energizing brights and sophisticated neutrals. Imagine the possibilities with two-tone colors and unlimited custom color possibilities.

Dōni provides the optimal comfort expected from KI seating - with 17 degrees of hip-articulation and body-conforming curves that encourage active movement throughout the day.

Dōni tandem seating elements include seats, in-line tables, and corner tables that adapt to form straight, L-shape, or U-shape configurations.

Designed by Giancarlo Piretti.