above-ground rehabilitation swimming pool

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above-ground rehabilitation swimming pool above-ground rehabilitation swimming pool - KINEO® 316L


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Equipment solutions for your rehabilitation pool:
- Access solutions to the rehabilitation pool: 316 L stainless steel stairs provide access to the rehabilitation pool. We offer different access solutions depending on the ceiling height of your physiotherapy practice or care centre.

- Transfer and launching equipment and chair solutions: Transfer and launching equipment for patients is part of the related equipment of the KINEO® re-education pool.

- Hydromassage solutions: Our hydromassage solutions are water massage stations with massage nozzles that are arranged at the desired height, these nozzles are adjustable and rotating. These nozzles are arranged in vertical ramps or medical hydrotherapy courses. If you wish to use thermal hydrotherapy equipment, we can advise you and carry out their supply, installation and maintenance, but this is a different range of equipment.

- Counter-current swimming (NCC) or counter-current walking (MCC) solutions: Your rehabilitation pool is equipped for swimming (counter-current) or for walking against the current. It is a complement to the medical hydrotherapy circuit.

- Other solutions: heating, chromotherapy...