above-ground rehabilitation swimming pool

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above-ground rehabilitation swimming pool above-ground rehabilitation swimming pool - KINEO®


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The KINEO® rehabilitation pool is above ground or can be installed in all or part of its height. Its stainless steel structure on which a customized coping and cladding is fixed on the exposed sides of the pool.

It is a swimming pool made of standard or custom stainless steel panels, with a water height of 110 to 150 cm to choose from.

The walls of the KINEO® above-ground or built-in rehabilitation pool are 22 cm thick, allowing physiotherapists to see the advanced patients inside the pool completely from outside the rehabilitation pool and therefore adapt the exercises and correct their postures.

The manufacture of our KINEO® pools and rehabilitation equipment is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. It is a French design and manufacture.

The hydraulic network is thus integrated into the structure, which is therefore not visible, which combines the aesthetic character, the gain in space, the ease of maintenance, with unequalled possibilities for this type of structure in terms of filtration capacity and therefore an excellent quality of the water in your rehabilitation pool.

KINEO® rehabilitation pools can accommodate outdoor equipment whose innovative technologies that combine aesthetics and durability are used in medical equipment (laboratories, hospitals, clean rooms, etc.), medical furniture or communication, as well as in design and architecture, and offer a wide variety of possibilities for customising your rehabilitation pool and healthcare centre.