above-ground rehabilitation swimming pool



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The advantages of the KINEO® rehabilitation pool are unique:

- The dimensions of your rehabilitation pool in width, length and height are custom-made, so the space is optimized and allows you to perfectly integrate the pool into the existing layout of your care space or the one to be created,

- Its hydraulic network is not visible, which saves space and aesthetics while allowing very efficient recycling times.

- Its structure can be dismantled and transported to any type of place (distant from the delivery point, narrow doorway size, upstairs, by lift, etc.), making it compatible with difficult access.

- Its installation is above ground or recessed at the desired height, is custom-made and fully customizable.

- Is fully customizable for coping and exterior cladding in terms of materials, colors and decor (tile, rot-proof wood, plastic or acrylic, marine grade 316 stainless steel, marine grade aluminum, digital printing on panel, trompe l'oeil on panel, specific lighting).

- Is fully customizable in terms of equipment, hydrotherapy solutions (counter-current operation, hydromassage nozzles, straight handrails...) and access to the rehabilitation pool,

- Its installation is carried out without stopping the activity of the practice or the rehabilitation centre, and in a short time,

- Heating, sizing of the filtration system and water treatment also allow the practice of aquatic activities such as aquabiking (underwater water bike), aquafooting (underwater treadmill), aquagym.